Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Milena Velba Too Much To Handle Dailymotion

Sabatina James: you shall die for your happiness

This post should not be construed as criticism of Islam. Rather, the attention drawn to a woman who awareness by informing the public about the situation of women, reveals shortcomings and addressed. It is committed to tolerance, respect for cultural Diversity and a non-violent, peaceful co-existence on this world. What a great, brave woman!

on your website http://www.sabatina-ev.de/Botschaft.html (below) you can also see once again what people do to not just other beings but also their peers. Above all made within the family. It is always incredible, how limitless blind, selfish and stupid we are.

Book Review: Death thou shalt for your good fortune - was caught between two worlds
The family of Pakistan to Austria, where the father had a job when they was about 10. Sabatina had eigtl there a happy childhood, she said. did you been (Where the woman) but by her family from the time of her youth abused in hard because she was too western / should be to be forcibly married to her cousin, who abused even after the engagement was for the expulsion of their Western Spirenzchen in an Islamic school in Pakistan put in which the conditions were infinitely worse!
again after long agony in Austria, she converted it through contact with an Austrian friend who had become as it were by a strong vision of Jesus Christ creditors, also initially opposed to Christianity. She was so stupid (mutig!) Let me be the parents and said a sentence of death upon them.
you long time fled from place to place, nowhere had a permanent home, always lived in fear of death and was infinitely alone. Apparently she has now achieved something truly out of the darkness! She is courageous and has entered into the public, is now fighting for discriminating against women, children and humans in general.



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